Research Safety

The resources listed on this page are provided to help University of Minnesota Research Safety Officers (RSOs) understand and effectively perform their responsibilities. If you do not see the information that you need here, or have a specific question, see our Contact Us section for Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) contact information.

  • University of Minnesota: Research Safety Program
    This document provides background information about your RSO position, and information about actions to take in events of non-compliance, and more.
  • RSO Roles and Responsibilities
    DEHS has summarized the University's RSO's roles and responsibilities and suggested methods you can use to accomplish these.
  • Research Safety Plan
    RSOs must modify the University's Research Safety Plan to fit their department's needs. Use this template to create your department's version.
  • Health and Safety Resources
    This page lists numerous DEHS and outside resources available on a variety of health and safety issues. The listing is divided by various types of safety needs, such as biological materials or radiation.
  • RSO Training
    DEHS offers new RSO and update RSO in-person training yearly, and places training materials online.