Paecilomyces sp.

Health Effects 

P. variotii can cause paecilomycosis. Linked to wood-trimmers disease and humidifier associated illnesses (17). Some members of this genus are reported to cause pneumonia. 


It may produce arsine gas if growing on arsenic substrate. (3). This can occur on wallpapers covered with paris green (3).


They are reported to allergenic (7).

Growth Media

Commonly found in soil and dust, less frequently in air (17).   

Mold Reference Key

Abbreviation Reference
Aw Water Activity (Equilibrium relative humidity/100)
E Paul Ellringer
MAC McGregor Pearce - personal experience
NC Neil Carlson - personal experience
(1-27) Refer to Fungal Reference page

N. Carlson 9/92; Rev. 4/93, 7/93, 9/93, 1/94, 2/94,2/95,4/95, 5/96, 7/96

Paecilomyces sp.
Paecilomyces sp.