Outreach and Current Projects

goldy on minneapolis campusKeeping the community informed and educated about University operations and the impact of University actions can have a positive effect, as they are intended to change behavior of the community and organization:

  • Educate and inform environmental and associated health risk — allowing planning and changes to mitigate health risk
  • Create “market-based” incentives that improve organizational commitment to change
  • Increase transparency and accountability of the organization to the community
  • Create a mechanism for decision-makers to provide and receive feedback and information 
  • Develop a relationship to engage on meaningful and important topics

University Community

students cheering at U of M gameEnvironmental Compliance staff in DEHS believe in—and are leaders in—the Community, to reach, teach, and inspire the values of the Regent’s policy. We reach out to the University community by:

  • Collecting and evaluating soil, water, and air samples at community-inspired project sites, such as community gardens, Living Lab sites, and class and research project sites.
  • Providing technical assistance, mentorship and guidance to students, groups and others with environmental projects or events as part of a class, career planning, or general interest.
  • Distributing information in public settings, such as University- and community-sponsored events, such as Spring Jam, Welcome Week events, Homecoming events, Earth Week events, film or art fests, athletic events, and the on-campus Farmer’s Market.
  • Meeting with the community focused on a specific construction project or topic, such as soil quality at the Como Student Community Co-op, air quality risks from steam plant operations, and stormwater management.
  • Collaborating with other University departments and organizations, both operational and academic, to support community sustainability and environmental goals.

Municipal Stormwater (MS4) Outreach

The University is required to implement a public education program to distribute educational materials to the community or conduct equivalent outreach activities about the impacts of storm water discharges on water bodies and the steps that the public can take to reduce pollutants in storm water runoff. This page is part of our public education and outreach efforts.

The EPA suggests that the public be given opportunities to play an active role in both the development and implementation of the program. An active and involved community is crucial to the success of a storm water management program because it allows for broader public support and increases community awareness of other pollution prevention measures.

Current Outreach Events

There are currently no scheduled EHS outreach events. Go to the IonE Events page for more events.

Current Projects

DEHS works in conjunction with Capital Planning & Project ManagementU ConstructionBuilding Code Department and other staff to ensure compliance and reduce environmental risk in University projects.

DEHS may prepare, review or oversee a variety of environmental reports or submittals required for a project, including Phase 1 Environmental Assessments, contingency planning, permits for construction dewatering or other site discharges, construction stormwater permits, and installation permits.

The table below contains documents associated with current projects.

Project Name

Project Number

Document Name

Health Sciences Education Center 01-000-16-1270
North Church Street Reconstruction 01-000-16-1115
Track and Field Facility 01-136-16-8007
Pioneer Hall 01-052-16-1660

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