Other Services

The following is a list of other services provided by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety:



Primary Contact

Chemical Inventory System

Researchers and other chemical users use the chemical inventory system to track their chemicals by quantity and location. The system also provides access to chemical safety information, and facilitates compliance with a number of regulatory requirements. Note: This system is currently in development. Jodi Ogilvie

Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ) Analysis

Design teams can submit chemical inventories for MAQ analysis during construction and remodeling to facilitate building code permitting. Jodi Ogilvie

Chemicals of Interest Oversight

LRS provides guidance and oversight to areas affected by the Department of Homeland Security—Chemicals of Interest and Chemical Security program. Fred Onyango

Construction Plan Reviews

Project managers invite LRS to participate on design meetings and submit lab-related project plans to LRS for review and recommendations for ventiliation, eyewashes, and other safety features.  

DOD/DOE Safety and Environmental Compliance Assurance

Researchers request assistance from LRS to assist in completion of Department of Defense/Energy safety- and environmental-related documentation for grant submissions.  Kim Jenkins


The DEHS Industrial Hygiene Division offers ergonomic evaluation services to assist in prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Neil Carlson

External Sales Requests (Safety Reviews)

UMN External Sales Office requests assistance from LRS to conduct safety reviews of University departments considering sales of goods or services to entities outside of the University. Jodi Ogilvie

Field Research Safety Resources

Researchers request assistance and guidance on best practices for safety in field research. Please visit the Field Research Safety web page for more information. Jodi Ogilvie

Fume Hood Certification

LRS manages a process to annually test and recertify the approximately 2,000 fume hoods on campus. Sabine Fritz

Hazardous Materials Shipping

DEHS can assist researchers with the shipment of hazardous chemicals (i.e., samples on dry ice, diagnostic specimens) to other research labs or facilities whether by ground, air, domestic or international. Calvin Cole

Indoor Air Quality

The DEHS Industrial Hygiene Division offers indoor air quality assessment services to assist in determining sources of hazardous or nuisance airborne contaminants, as well as recommendations for controlling unwanted contaminants. Mike Buck

Laboratory Acceptance Testing

Construction and project managers request assistance from LRS to verify ventilation, fume hood function, and other safety features as part of the commissioning process and for obtaining certificates of occupancy. Sabine Fritz

Lab Auditing Program

LRS conducts audits and inspections of approximately 1,000 research and laboratory programs on campus. Jodi Ogilvie

Minors in the Lab

Guidance for obtaining approval for minors working in laboratories in found in the chemical hygiene plan or by contacting the UHS office. Sabine Fritz

Noise Monitoring

The DEHS Industrial Hygiene Division offers Noise monitoring services to assist in determining noise exposure levels, as well as recommendations for remediating noisy conditions. Neil Carlson

SOP Review for High Hazardous Chemicals

LRS reviews SOPs involving the use of high hazard chemicals. Requests for reviews come from IACUC, IBC, and directly from researchers. Jodi Ogilvie

Space Use Requests (safety reviews)

The University's Space Use Office requests assistance from LRS to conduct safety reviews of activities proposed to be conducted in outdoor spaces on University property. Jodi Ogilvie

Student Group Safety Resources

LRS provides consultation services to student groups who conduct potentially hazardous activities. Brian Andersson

Unlisted Equipments (3rd Party Validations)

Facilities Lab Equipment Purchasing 

LRS assists researchers and others wanting to purchase or use equipment that does not have required U.L. or other recognized safety certifications. LRS can help identify and contract for services with external engineers who can evaluate and provide 3rd party validations to allow for the use of unlisted equipment on campus.  Jordan Romine