Other Programs

Other Programs” refers to regulatory programs not neatly included in "Air", "Water" or "Land Programs"; many of these programs are related to community awareness of University activities, including reportable spills and releases. Topics on this page include:

  • Spill Prevention Control Countermeasures (SPCC) 
  • Minn. Stat. 115E Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharge Preparedness Law (Minnesota Spill Bill) 
  • Hazardous Substance Regulations (SARA/EPCRA)
  • Minnesota Stat. 115.061 (Duty to Notify and Avoid Water Pollution)
  • Clean Air Act Section 112(r) (Risk Management Planning)
  • Clean Air Act Section 608 (Refrigerant Reclamation)
  • Permit plans (spill and response action plans) 
  • Chemical Security and Inventory 
  • Municipal Stormwater Permit Outreach (MS4)

The University may not currently be subject to regulation in all of these program areas.