Mandatory DEA-Related Questionnaire

Individuals who conduct research and teaching activities with controlled substances must comply with applicable federal and state regulations relating to controlled substances. These requirements are intended to ensure that those who have access to controlled substances: a) do not have felony drug convictions; b) have not had a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license revoked or surrendered for cause; and c) have not had an application for registration with the DEA denied. The requirements apply to University employees and any other individuals including students, volunteers, and visitors who have access to controlled substances for University research purposes. 

The University has implemented a process to ensure compliance with this DEA requirement. Under the process, before a person is allowed to sign the Authorized Users Signature Log and use controlled substances in the lab, they must first complete the Controlled Substance DEA Questionnaire. The process is as follows:

1. The lab manager identifies those who need to be Authorized Users at their location and gives them the Controlled Substance DEA Questionnaire to complete.

2. The Authorized User completes the form and returns it to the lab manager.

3. The lab manager evaluates the form.

      • If the responses on the questionnaire indicate that the individual is not eligible to access controlled substances based on the above criteria, the lab manager will inform this individual and their supervisor. The individual will not be allowed to sign the Authorized Users Signature Log nor will they be allowed access to controlled substances used in that lab. The supervisor will determine the impact on this individual's job duties and assignment and, if necessary, will bring any concerns to the appropriate HR support group.
      • If the responses to the questionnaire indicate that the potential Authorized User is eligible to access controlled substances, the Registrant or lab manager will have the individual sign the Authorized Users Signature Log.

4. The lab manager forwards all completed questionnaires to the Department Registrant.

5. The Department Registrant retains completed questionnaires in a secure, confidential file.