Ergonomics Showroom

open house sign for ergonomic showroom

University Health & Safety
Ergonomics Program Open House

Boynton Health, Room W-37 
Thursday, October 31  
9:00 am to noon

Come get comfortable in our showroom. Experts will be available to demonstrate chairs, desks, and other equipment, answer your questions, and help you feel better at work! 

All are welcome, including students interested in ergonomics.

Twin Cities Campus

Boynton Health Service, Room W-37

Hours: Thursday from 10 AM to 12 PM, or by appointment 
Contact (612) 626-6002 to schedule an appointment.

Directions to W-37:

  • From the 3rd floor lobby, follow the hallway to the right of the cashier's desk to the end and take a left to find the west elevator
  • Take the elevator to Level B
  • Turn right our of th elevator and follow signage for the showroom

You can also ask front desk staff at Boynton for directions.

images of the ergonomics solution center

Ergonomics Solution Center on Twin Cities campus.

Duluth Campus

Darland Administration Building, Room 25

Hours: Mondays from 1–2 PM, or by appointment 
Contact: Call Laura at (218) 726-6917 to schedule an appointment.

Morris Campus

Camden Hall, Room 2 (Lower Level) 
Contact: Call Dean at (320) 589-6106 to schedule an appointment.

Morris campus Ergo Showroom

Morris campus ergo showroom