Controlled Substances Disposal

Transfer Documentation Procedures

All registrants transferring controlled substances must complete a Controlled Substance Disposal Form.

  1. Complete one form for each collection of controlled substance containers to be transferred.
  2. Include the DEA Registrant number on the form. Note: If you do not have a DEA Registrant number, indicate "unknown" or "abandoned" on the form instead.
  3. Email one copy of the completed form to DEHS at and include the following information to facilitate the transfer: 
    • your name,
    • department,
    • phone number, and
    • location (building and room number)

DEHS will contact you to schedule the transfer. 

Disposal of Excess Controlled Substances in Syringes

Researchers who have excess controlled substances in syringes after a research procedure are required to collect the excess in a slurry bottle and document the contents of the slurry bottle on a Controlled Substance Disposal Form. Use the same procedure as above to initiate collection. Do not use a syringe to remove the unused contents of a vial and collect in a slurry bottle. The unused substance in a vial should be transferred using the procedure described in the previous section.

If you have questions please contact DEHS at 612-626-1604 or