Chemical Safety Day Program

Since 1981, the Chemical Safety Day Program (CSDP) has been offered by the University of Minnesota to assist educational institutions and nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Minnesota in disposing of unwanted chemicals and hazardous waste. The CSDP is a cost-effective waste management program working under the Minnesota state contract for hazardous waste disposal. Therefore, each waste disposal facility has been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the state, reducing your overall environmental liability. University of Minnesota Environmental Health and Safety staff travel throughout the state multiple times a year, allowing for convenient waste pickup scheduling for CSDP customers (see current CSDP schedule below).

If you wish to participate in the CSDP, please submit the online CSDP Participant Information Form as well as a Chemical Waste Inventory.

If you have questions, contact Robbie Eiker at or (612) 590-5224.

2021 Chemical Safety Day Program Schedule

The Chemical Safety Day Program requires that your Waste Forms be submitted by the following deadline:

MN Stay at Home Order

At this time, hazardous waste collections are still taking place as scheduled. 
Please contact Robbie Eiker with any questions, or (612) 590-5224.

Pickup Date*

Minnesota Region

Chemical Waste Inventory Submission Deadline**

April 7, 8 Saint Cloud / Brainerd March 15
April 21, 22 Winona / Rochester / Albert Lea  April 5
May 12, 13 Alexandria / Moorhead / Crookston / Bemidji April 26
June 2 Twin Cities 1 (North of I-394 West of I-35W) May 24
June 16 Twin Cities 2 (South of I-394 West of I-35W) June 7
July 7 Twin Cities 3 (North of I-94 East of I-35W) June 28
July 21 Twin Cities 4 (South of I-94 East of I-35W) July 12
August 10, 11, 12 Duluth / Virginia / Int. Falls  / Grand Rapids July 26
September 15, 16 Willmar / Marshall / Worthington August 30
September 29, 30 Saint Cloud / Brainerd / Morris September 13
October 13, 14 Winona / Rochester / Albert Lea  September 20
October 27, 28 Alexandria / Moorhead / Crookston / Bemidji October 11

*CSDP schedule is subject to change
**The earlier Chemical Waste Inventory Forms are submitted, the easier scheduling becomes.

If you have questions regarding scheduling or questions about the program in general, please contact Robbie Eiker:
Work: (612) 590-5224 | Fax: (612) 626-1571 Email: