Changing DEA Research Registrant

If your Unit needs to change the name of the research Unit (DEA) Registrant, the change can be requested by letter. A new DEA application is not required.

All changes of Unit Registrants, please notify

Current Unit (DEA) Registrant

  • Mail a signed letter on University letterhead to the Minneapolis DEA Office requesting the name change. The letter needs to include the current and new registrants' names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, building address, and anticipated date of turnover. Send the letter in a form that requires receipt confirmation. 
  • If applicable, mail unused DEA Forms 222 to the Minneapolis DEA Office after the new Forms 222 for the new Unit Registrant have been received. In your cover letter, list the unique numbers on the Forms 222 and save a copy of the letter in your controlled substances record.

Note: Do not surrender or fail to renew the current DEA Registrant's DEA registration until the new DEA registrant receives their new DEA registration. If the DEA registration for the current DEA registration holder is no longer valid and the new DEA Registrant has not received the new DEA registration, the Unit no longer has DEA coverage and research using controlled substances will not be allowed. 

New Unit Registrant

  • Completes the University of Minnesota Controlled Substances Online Tutorial
  • Confirms receipt of all the DEA registrations with the correct name and address
  • If applicable, order DEA Forms 222 in your name. These are required to purchase Schedule I or II controlled substances. Refer to 21 CFR 1305.01 – 1305.19 for more information on Forms 222.