A group of fungi commonly referred to as mushrooms. Four spores are attached to a basidium at a single attachment point. The specific mushroom species are difficult to identify on the culture plate.


Many mushroom spores are reported to be allergenic. (7)


Found outside on rotting wood, in the grass shortly after rainfall and in the soil adding the nutritional uptake. Outdoor air samples taken within days of a recent rainfall will often have high counts of these spores on a spore trace sample. The growth of the organism on culture plates is often not helpful in determining the genera of the organism. (30)

Mold Reference Key

Abbreviation Reference
Aw Water Activity (Equilibrium relative humidity/100)
E Paul Ellringer
MAC McGregor Pearce - personal experience
NC Neil Carlson - personal experience
(1-27) Refer to Fungal Reference page

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