Aspergillus glaucus (Eurotium spp.)

Seasonal Notes

Common outdoor fungus in the winter.


The ascomycetous state is Eurotium spp.


It is reported to be allergenic.

Growth Media

This fungus can grow on leather and at low moisture levels on grains, sugary food products, meat, and wool (5).

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

It is only occasionally pathogenic (26).

Spore Size

Conidia dimensions 5-6.5 microns (5).

Water Activity

0.71 (32).

Mold Reference Key

Abbreviation Reference
Aw Water Activity (Equilibrium relative humidity/100)
E Paul Ellringer
MAC McGregor Pearce - personal experience
NC Neil Carlson - personal experience
(1-27) Refer to Fungal Reference page

N. Carlson 9/92; Rev. 4/93, 7/93, 9/93, 1/94, 2/94,2/95,4/95, 5/96, 7/96

Aspergillus glaucus (Eurotium spp.)