Aspergillus clavatus

Outdoor Location

Found in soils and animal manure (5).

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

This species is only occasionally pathogenic (26).

Potential Toxin Production

Can produce petulin which may be associated with disease in humans and other animals (5).

Spore Size

Conidia dimensions 3-4.5 x 2.5-4.5 microns (5).

Water Activity

0.85 (31)

Mold Reference Key

Abbreviation Reference
Aw Water Activity (Equilibrium relative humidity/100)
E Paul Ellringer
MAC McGregor Pearce - personal experience
NC Neil Carlson - personal experience
(1-27) Refer to Fungal Reference page

N. Carlson 9/92; Rev. 4/93, 7/93, 9/93, 1/94, 2/94,2/95,4/95, 5/96, 7/96

Aspergillus clavatus
Aspergillus clavatus