Absidia spp.

Health Effects

May cause mucorosis in immune comprised individuals (6). The sites of infections are the lung, nasal sinus passages, brain, eyes, and skin (6). Infection may have several sites (6).


This is a zygomycete fungus in the same group as Rhizopus spp. and Mucor spp.


Reported to be allergenic (7).

Mold Reference Key

Abbreviation Reference
Aw Water Activity (Equilibrium relative humidity/100)
E Paul Ellringer
MAC McGregor Pearce - personal experience
NC Neil Carlson - personal experience
(1-27) Refer to Fungal Reference page

N. Carlson 9/92; Rev. 4/93, 7/93, 9/93, 1/94, 2/94,2/95,4/95, 5/96, 7/96