8.4.3 Contaminated Labware

wide mouth HDPE bottleContaminated labware is solid debris waste that is grossly contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Examples include chemical contamination on vials, pipettes, paper towels, and wipes. All contaminated labware should be collected and managed as hazardous waste. Containers such as wide mouth HDPE bottles or buckets can be used to collect contaminated labware. Figure 8.10 illustrates an example of how to submit contaminated labware to USH for disposal. Contaminated labware should not include:

  • Containers/vials with free liquids
  • Sharps such as needles or razor blades
  • Completely empty containers/vials/tips/debris with no appreciable chemical residue
  • Trash, uncontaminated PPE, other non-regulated wastes
contaminated labware Chematix waste submission

Figure 8.10: Contaminated Labware Chematix Waste Submission

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

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