8.4.1 UHS Chemical Waste Disposal Procedures

The UHS Regulated Waste Division provides chemical waste pickup and disposal services at no cost to UMN departments. To have chemical waste removed from your location by UHS staff, complete the online Chematix Chemical Waste Pickup Form. Detailed instructions regarding the waste form submission process are on the Chematix webpage linked above. Once this form has been submitted, UHS staff will come to your location within a few days to pick up the waste if you are located on the Twin Cities Campus. If you are not located on the Twin Cities Campus, then UHS will coordinate a pickup time with you.

Chemical waste containers may be rejected by UHS staff at the time of pickup for the following reasons:

  • Room is locked and UHS personnel do not have a key or a way to gain access
  • Improper container being used or container is leaking or has been overfilled
  • Improper caps/lids
  • Mislabeled containers, container label does not match the description submitted
  • No label or label has faded and is no longer legible
  • Use of chemical formula or abbreviations
  • Outside of containers are heavily contaminated and not in good condition; not appropriate for safe and compliant transportation

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

2. Laboratory Management

3. Laboratory Design and Commissioning

4. Training

5. Experiment Planning and SOPs

6. Safety Equipment

7. Chemical Management

8. Chemical Waste Guidelines

9. Emergency Procedures

10. Medical Surveillance and Injury Reporting

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