4.2 Documentation

All Training Must be Documented

For University Health and Safety online training, documentation will be automatically entered into an employee's record. If you receive in-person training from UHS staff, confirm with your trainer that documentation will be entered into your record.

For Lab-Specific Training, here are some options for documentation:

  • Your lab can use the Lab-Specific Safety Training Record 
  • Use a cover sheet with topics covered and a sign-in sheet
  • Powerpoint slides print out along with a sign-in sheet
  • Date and sign SOPs you have written up for your lab

Be specific in what topics were covered in your lab-specific training, date everything, and make sure everybody signs the sign-in sheet.

Your training history is contained in in UM Reports (employee ID number is needed): To view, log in to UM Reports and type "Training History" in the “Search Reports" bar to locate your record.


Training Recordkeeping

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

2. Laboratory Management

3. Laboratory Design and Commissioning

4. Training

5. Experiment Planning and SOPs

6. Safety Equipment

7. Chemical Management

8. Chemical Waste Guidelines

9. Emergency Procedures

10. Medical Surveillance and Injury Reporting

11. Appendices