2.9 Laboratory Hibernation and Closing

Closing Out a Laboratory

Any researcher leaving the University needs to properly close out his/her lab. If the principal investigator does not take proper care to cleanup the laboratory, then the department for which they worked under becomes responsible. We strongly encourage departments to develop administrative controls to prevent this from happening. A good tool to use is the laboratory closeout checklist available on the UHS website. As an additional resource, UHS offers laboratory chemical cleanup services for an hourly fee.

Laboratory Hibernation

If the laboratory and materials will be unattended for more than 30 days, such as during summer field work, PI hiatus, etc. the Laboratory Hibernation Plan should be completed.

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

2. Laboratory Management

3. Laboratory Design and Commissioning

4. Training

5. Experiment Planning and SOPs

6. Safety Equipment

7. Chemical Management

8. Chemical Waste Guidelines

9. Emergency Procedures

10. Medical Surveillance and Injury Reporting

11. Appendices