2.7 Lab Equipment

Laboratory Equipment - Purchase and Use

Laboratory equipment should have safety certifications from approved listing agencies (e.g., U.L.). Follow the equipment purchasing guidance from Facilities Management to verify if equipment is approved for lab use.

Laboratory equipment should only be used for the purpose it was designed for. Users should be familiar with manufacturer instructions before use and regularly inspect and maintain the equipment condition.


Hot Plates Fact Sheet
UV Light Fact Sheet 
Schlenk Line Guidance Document 
Shared Equipment Fact Sheet 
Proper Disposal of Lab Equipment

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

1. Individual Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities

2. Laboratory Management

3. Laboratory Design and Commissioning

4. Training

5. Experiment Planning and SOPs

6. Safety Equipment

7. Chemical Management

8. Chemical Waste Guidelines

9. Emergency Procedures

10. Medical Surveillance and Injury Reporting

11. Appendices