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New U of M Employee Training

Research Safety

All new employees are required to take Introduction to Research Safety, prior to doing any work in the laboratory. In addition, your Lab Supervisor must train you on Lab-Specific Hazards before you begin any work.

Training Required for: Available Method Comments
Introduction to Research Safety All U of M laboratory staff Online
Laboratory Specific Training All U of M laboratory staff In-person This training should be provided by your PI or lab supervisor.
Biological Safety
Training Required for: Available Method Comments
Bloodborne Pathogens & Infectious Agents Research involving human material and infectious agents. Sometimes required for building access. Online  
Implementation of NIH Guidelines Research involving recombinant DNA. Online  
Biological Safety in the Laboratory Research that requires IBC review. Online  
Chemical Safety
Training Required for: Available Method Comments
Chemical Safety

Anyone performing research in a U of M laboratory

Chemical Waste Management All U of M laboratory staff Online  
GHS Classification and Labeling of Chemicals in the Laboratory All University staff, faculty, and students who use,
purchase, or are “potentially” exposed to one or more chemical hazards
General Health and Safety
Training Required for: Frequency Comments
Hazard Communication (MERTKA): Hazardous Substances Any employee who works with, or is exposed to: any hazardous chemical (such as pesticides, fuels, solvents, corrosives, grain or other; any harmful physical agent (such as heat, noise, or radiation); or any infectious agent such as Rabies, Tetanus, etc.; combustible dust, etc. Required annually Available online / In-Person
Agricultural Tractor Safety Any employee who operates any type of tractor or other farm equipment. Required annually Available Online / In-Person
Fire Extinguisher Selection and Use   Required annuallyAvailable Online / In-Person
Respiratory Protection Any employee who wears any type of NIOSH-approved respirator, including an N-95 dust mask.Required annually Available Online / In-Person
Electrical Hazard Recognition Employees who are exposed to electrical hazards such as overhead or underground power lines, hand tools, wet/outdoor tool usage, etc.Required annually Available Online / In-Person
Worker Protection Standard for Workers (YouTube) EPA Approved (approval # "EPA Worker PST 00001") training video for training agricultural workers about pesticides and the Worker Protection Standard (WPS). This video satisfies the pesticide safety training requirement for workers under the revised WPS effective January 1, 2016.   YouTube
Radiation Safety
Training Required for: Available Method Comments
Radiation Safety Orientation Employees working around or near other radiation research. Sometimes required for building access. Online  
Radiation Safety for Radioactive Material Users Researchers directly working with radioactive materials. Online  
Task Specific Training
You may be required to take additional training modules, depending on your roles and responsibilities at the University. Please follow this link to access additional training modules and resources.

Contact DEHS at 612-626-6002 for more information.

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