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The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) ensures the safety of the University of Minnesota community. We work with our community members to prevent accidents, report unsafe conditions and protect the environment.


Environmental Health and Safety provides consulting services, training programs, and regulatory compliance support for all University community members.

Consulting   Training

EHS provides professional advice and support to individuals and departments of the University of Minnesota.
Chemical Waste Disposal Procedures


How to locate Training
How to Document Training/Certificates
Training Tools
Training History
NEW GHS Training

Purchasing Research Equipment - Infastructure and Listing Considerations
Regulatory Compliance
EHS provides services to help ensure the University of Minnesota abides by the regulatory requirements set at the local, state and federal level.

Quick Answers

Main Office:
University of Minnesota
Thompson Center for Environmental Management
501 SE 23rd Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55455    (Map)
   Phone: (612) 626-6002
   FAX: (612) 624-1949
   Mailcode: 1171

Thompson Center:
University of Minnesota
501 - 23rd Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455    (Map)
   Phone: (612) 626-1604
   FAX: (612) 626-1571
   Mailcode: 2681